PowerStick Corporate Sales Help

Sales & In-House Orders

Looking for support on a new distributor order or an order already in-house?

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PowerStick charger technical support

General Product Support

Have a question about a product? Is there an issue we can help you resolve?


PowerStick chargers can be reset by holding down the power button for a full 15 seconds.  This “wakes-up” the charger and resolves most issues.

1-877-326-7651 ext 514

Mosaic technical support

Mosaic Support

Looking for specific support for your Mosaic or the Mosaic PowerStream app?

Mosaic QuickStart Guide button

The Mosaic is a unique product with many features.  There is a  QUICKSTART manual and several supporting videos to help guide you through setting up and using your Mosaic.

1-877-326-7651 ext 103

Beagle technical support

Beagle Support

Looking for specific support for your Beagle or the Beagle Bluetooth Tracker app?

Beagle Support page button

The Beagle Support page provides a step by step guide to using your Beagle.  This can also be found from within the app.  Simply press the “?” in the top right corner.

1-877-326-7651 ext 103