How do they work?

When your phone needs a charge but you are away from home, the office or your car, you can simply and conveniently connect your phone to a PowerStick charger.

Press the power button and you are instantly starting to charge.

LED lights or battery bars indicate the battery level on the charger.

When the charger needs to be recharged, connect it to any computer or USB port to recharge.

Click here for more detailed instructions on how to Charge your Phone

Click here for more detailed instructions to RECHARGE your PowerStick

How long will it last? chargers have an excellent battery retention of one year.  This means that once your charger is charged, you can throw it in a bag or purse and forget about it until you need it.  If you reach for it a year later, your charger will still be charged and ready to go.* chargers use quality lithium polymer batteries and have a life cycle of over 1000+ recharges and are covered by a lifetime warranty.

* chargers will go into hibernation mode if they have not been used for a length of time.   They do this to conserve power and reduce energy lose.  Sometimes a RESET may be required to “wake it up”.  To RESET, simply hold down the power button for 15 seconds and release.

Is it compatible with my phone? chargers are compatible with all major phone models including Samsung, apple, nokia, LG and more.

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Can I charge a tablet?

All chargers are technically capable of charging a tablet but you will want something with a large battery to provide a significant charge to a tablet.  For this reason, we specifically recommend the PowerTrip and the new PowerTEN.

Can I charge a laptop?

No, we currently have no products to charge laptops.

What is the warranty? What if my question is not answered?

If your Powerstick product was purchased from our website or through our corporate branding division, it is covered by a life-time warranty.

Prior to initiating any warranty actions, please call our customer service desk who can help resolve most issues. (1-877-326-7651).

In case of defect, you may return your PowerStick, postage paid, to be repaired or replaced at our discretion.

Products should only be sent after the issuance of a Return Authorization (RMA).

This warranty will not apply to units that have been purchased from non-authorized sources or ones damaged through improper use.