introducing Mosaic

Introducing Mosaic:
Tucked away in a corner of Canada’s capital city, a group of designers and engineers have been winning CES awards for their innovation and engineering.

So far they have won nine awards honouring innovations in mobile technologies for corporations and the U.S. Army.

The source of these awards is Inc., a group of young, energetic and highly skilled workers who design for today with an eye on the future.

The Team at PowerStick

Originally, the company was focused on portable power chargers for mobile devices and its first product became the market leader with a CES award for “Best in Show”.

With the proliferation of five-volt devices, especially smartphones, chargers have become ubiquitous, and lax safety monitoring has allowed low cost imports to proliferate.

PowerStick has evolved from charger only products, to chargers with memory and charging speakers. The designers are now in the final stages of their most exciting project of all: Mosaic.

Mosaic: Stream, Share, Store, Charge
  • Mosaic is a flash memory drive that generates its own wi-fi signal
  • Mosaic is accessed from your phone or tablet through the mobile app
  • With up to 256GB of flash, lots of content can be stored and streamed
  • Up to seven users can independently stream different content
  • The Mosaic supports eight hours of streaming activity
  • Mosaic can provide a back-up charge to your phone/tablet
  • Mosaic has a built-in 30 ft wi-fi extender
  • Mosaic supports both iOS and Android devices


You can load the Mosaic with content to enjoy anywhere with your phone or tablet. Since no connection cables and no Internet are required,  you can stream video content, browse photos and listen to music anywhere: on a plane, while travelling or simply while away from the comforts of home.

Stream Content to your Phone or Tablet without wires or internet


No need to pick and choose which media to sync to your phone or tablet. Save photos, music and video content to the Mosaic to free up space on your phone or tablet.

The files on Mosaic do not occupy precious memory on your phone/tablet and are easily accessed through the mobile app (Android and iOS).


Up to 7 users can connect to the Mosaic at the same time to stream the same content or each can stream content independently.

A presenter can allow attendees access to the Mosaic to follow a presentation and download take-away material to their own phone or tablet.

At the end of the day each family member can upload their vacation photos to Mosaic and then independently browse the entire “Family Vacation Album”.

Up to 7 users can connect to and stream content from Mosaic


When you are hours away from home and your phone or tablet is dead, the Mosaic can also function as a charger. Simply connect your phone/tablet to the USB port of the Mosaic to receive a back-up battery boost anywhere. Anytime.


Available in August, with 16GB to 256GB of flash memory.

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