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Nigel Financial Post

December 2016: Financial Post Article

“Our mantra became … if it’s good enough for the U.S. military Special Forces, it’s good enough for corporations,”


August 2015: Mashable Article

“Now PowerStick, a company that already makes a popular line of portable chargers is introducing a multi-disciplined device: one that can charge, store data and even stream content.”

Refreshing talk

October 2014: Refreshing Talk Article

“With a lifetime warranty on all their products, I’m pretty much sold on Powerstick.”

Tidy Mom

June 2013: Tidy Mom Article

“You will quickly realize you can’t leave home without one of these chargers and they make great gifts, especially branded with a logo or picture…”


November 2013: Annika Article

“Needless to say this thing can be a lifesaver when you’re out and about.”

progue blogs

December 2012: The New York Times

“There are plenty of backup battery gizmos available, of course, but this one is interesting because you can charge it from three different sources: a wall outlet, a computer’s USB jack or — get this — the sun.”


VIDEO: CBC Made in Ottawa