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PowerTrip Track

Combine the charger features of PowerTrip with the tracking features of Beagle.

The PowerTrip Track is a triple powered charger for your phone, e-reader, tablet and other small mobile devices. The 6,000 mAh battery will fully charge your phone multiple times and can add hours of life to a tablet. Add optional flash memory so your charger doubles as a hard drive to store and back-up computer files.

The PowerTrip Track features a built-in Bluetooth tracking device.  Pair the PowerTrip Track to the “Beagle 2.0” app on your phone,  then keep track of your charger as well as the bag that you carry it in.   Leave your bag and PowerTrip Track in the coffee shop? Your phone will alert you.  If you lose your PowerTrip Track and another user comes in contact with it, you will be emailed with its last known location.

PowerTrip Track is packaged in a Black EVA zipper travel case and includes a brandable Micro USB cable.

ProductPowerTrip Track
Product Code  (see below price grid)
Dimensions4.1″ x 2.54″ x 1″
Weight6.65 oz
Battery Size6,000 mAh
Colors AvailableWhite with grey trim
What’s Included
  • PowerTrip Track
  • Eva Zipper case
  • Branded Micro USB cable
  • optional: Apple TwinTip cable attachment
  • Beagle 2.0 App for Android & iOS
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Keep Track of All Your Essentials


PowerTrip solar panel

Power Bank Charger

PowerTrip Track is a 6,000 back up battery to charge mobile devices.  It offers 3 unique ways to recharge: a wall outlet, a USB port or receive an emergency trickle charge from the solar panel.  It features two USB ports to connect and recharge multiple devices simultaneously.

PowerTrip Track App Map

Bluetooth Tracker

PowerTrip Track has a built in Bluetooth tracker.  Create an invisible link between your PowerTrip Track and the app on your phone.  Never misplace the PowerTrip Track.  Even keep taps on the bag or luggage your PowerTrip Track is stored in.  The app features several unique modes: Find, Tether, Map and the community Search Party.

Branded Cable TwinTip

Branded Cable

PowerTrip Track comes standard with a Micro USB cable that can be fully customized with graphics and logos.  There is an option to include an Apple TwinTip to the cable which converts the Micro USB cable to an Apple Lightning Cable.  With the addition of the Apple TwinTip, one convenient cable can be used to charge both Android and iOS devices.

PRICING (USD) 3C1-499 pcs500-999 pcs1000+ pcs
PowerTrip Track & Branded Micro USB Cable   (code PTBV1-0)android_blue-11-11$100.00$94.749$90.00
PowerTrip Track & Branded TwinTip cable   (code PTTBV1-0) Apple and Android$127.00$121.05$115.00
PowerTrip Track 16GB & Branded Micro USB Cable  (code PTBV1-16)android_blue-11-11$118.00$112.28$106.67
PowerTripTrack 16GB & Branded TwinTip cable  (code PTTBV1-16) Apple and Android$146.00$138.60$131.67

Includes a 4CP digital imprint on the PowerTrip Track & Micro USB cable

 Set up is $93.75 (G) | Custom packaging: $4.38(G) to add a gift box and custom sleeve


Our products are designed to be branded. The PowerTrip Track has a very large branding surface that can be printed almost edge to edge.

Imprint Area4.06″ x 2.45″
Imprint Method4CP digital print
Standard PackagingBlack EVA Zipper case (can be digitally printed)
Custom Packaging Option
Black gift box with fully customized sleeve (belly band)
PowerTrip Track with branded cable

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