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Travel Set

The Travel Set is a kit that includes four cool products that are beautifully branded and packaged together in a gift box.  The 4 products make excellent travel companions.

Travel Set includes:

1 x HawkEye: phone charger reminder and alert

1 x BeagleScout: bluetooth tracker and luggage tag

1 x KeyStack: key organizer

1 x CableDock: cable organizer

Product Travel Set
Product Code ECSL-900124
Gift Box Dimensions  7.125 x 4.25 x 1.75 inches
Total Weight  3.35 oz
What’s Included: 1 x HawkEye, 1 x BeagleScout, 1 x KeyStack, 1 x CableDock
Colors Available All products are white with the exception of the KeyStack.  The KeyStack is available in black, red or blue
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PRICING (USD) 3C 1-499 pcs 500-999 pcs 1000+ pcs
Travel Set $55.00 $52.54 $49.92

Includes up to 4CP imprint on 1 location per product  + 1 color etched logo on KeyStack Set up is $93.75 (G)*

Custom packaging is $2.19(G) to add custom sleeve Set up is $93.75 (G)*

*Set ups waived for orders 100+ units


Audio Alert


HawkEye is a small adapter that attaches to any USB cable to keep an eye on your charging cable and anything that is connected to it.  Activate the HawkEye alarm to keep your phone while travelling.  LEARN MORE>

BeagleScout circle


A combination tracker and luggage tag that ensures you stay connected to your most important travel pieces.  The BeagleScout and app alert you when you may be leaving without your most important items and maps the location where they were last tracked.  LEARN MORE>

KeyStack circle


Minimize the bulk of your keychain.   This device holds a number of keys while maintaining a sleek profile. Fold keys out when you are ready to use them and fold them back in when you are done.  LEARN MORE>

cabledock circle


A practical system for organizing your cables. The CableDock allows you to organize and mount your cables for easy access. Reduce cable clutter!  LEARN MORE>

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