We are PowerStick.com | ASI # 51566 | SAGE # 69081 | PPAI # 383252

How it all began…

A Canadian solar engineering research company decided to design and manufacture a portable charging product.  The PowerStick Classic was born.

CES awarded the PowerStick Classic with a coveted Best in Show award for Innovation and Engineering and resellers beat a path to its corporate door.

A large national retailer picked up the product, and it was in their Los Angeles store that the CEO of an international airline saw it. Very quickly he decided that it would be the perfect product for the airline’s valued customer recognition program.  The ensuing order was for substantially more PowerSticks than had been sold to retailers and with none of the conditions that are typical of that channel.

The corporate market for PowerStick chargers rapidly expanded while its retail channel remained flat. As a result, it wasn’t long before PowerStick decided to focus on branded corporate sales through promotional partners.

While the original PowerStick Classic was the first charger product, there have been many iterations developed since that have kept the brand technologically current.  As the smartphone market has evolved PowerStick has developed new charging technologies with larger batteries, wireless capabilities and circuitry enhancements.

Where we stand today…

PowerStick.com has become a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality consumer technology products for corporate events and programs. PowerStick works closely with promotional product distributors (PPAI ASI PPPC) to turn marketing ideas into marketing successes. Many respected companies, such as Ford & Google, have chosen PowerStick products to represent and promote their brand. The lifetime warranty on all Canadian Made charger & media player products makes them a quality investment and a quality representation of their brand.

Every aspect of the company’s technology product development is performed in-house by staff designers, engineers, assemblers, branders and packagers.  By having all of this varied talent under one roof, the PowerStick team is able to hold frequent and immediate product concept/development meetings.

The company has a 7,000 square foot warehouse that allows it to store considerable quantities of its components that can be quickly converted to finished products.  This allows PowerStick to offer quick turnaround responses on orders and a “Made in Canada” label on most of its products. Having the Canada label provides NAFTA certification and seamless border crossings.