An Order to Remember

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Winning a 200,000-piece order is a memorable accomplishment for any distributor but fulfilling an order of that size is an exceptional feat that requires the skills of a trusted supplier partner.

In 2021, Angela Morris with Geiger in Brentwood, Tennessee, received a call from her client, an international hospitality company, who wanted to send a thank-you gift to 200,000 top customers. The gift would include a personalized card and be drop-shipped to recipients’ homes worldwide. Since Covid had curtailed travel for the past year, the company was eager to send customers a thoughtful reminder of their services.

Morris had worked with PowerStick in the past and was very satisfied with her experience. “I went to PowerStick because I love the products and PowerStick makes it so easy compared to other vendors,” she says. She selected Spot Pro, a two-way Bluetooth® finder that comes with a key ring and vegan leather strap. The gift was branded with the company logo and packaged in a custom-branded box that evoked a desert resort vibe. “We definitely went for a customized box because we wanted this gift to feel special,” says Morris.

“I went to PowerStick because I love the products and PowerStick makes it so easy compared to other vendors.”


Even at a 200,000 quantity, the product was the easy part for Morris; getting the personalized card was a bit trickier. A third-party vendor, employed by the client, used special technology to create a personalized message on each card thanking the recipient for being a loyal customer with an invitation to visit their properties soon. The vendor produced 200,000 personalized cards— one for inclusion in each gift. The card also contained an individual code so it could be matched up with one of the 200,000 address labels provided. Fulfillment was handled by an outside company.

The branded box and card were then packed into a padded envelope with a Special Delivery sticker on the front. This was Morris’s idea to ensure recipients wouldn’t refuse the package or discard it, and would be intrigued to open the gift. The sticker also helped to ensure packages were not unopened or returned by mistake, since it was indeed a surprise.

“I’ve done a vast number of large-scale custom projects in my career, but not one with 200,000 drop ships before this one,” Morris admits with a laugh. “But I’ve had enough experience to know how to organize and manage a project like this.”

Morris adds, “This is a longstanding client and I am grateful they trust me with projects of this magnitude, confidentiality and specialness for their top customers.”

Not only did the finished product give the client their desired exposure to customers with a high-quality product, but it won Morris and PowerStick one of Geiger’s top awards: Largest Single Order in 2021.

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*All branding has been changed to protect the client

PowerStick Product Used: Spot Pro, two-way Bluetooth finder

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