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Why Every Charger You Sell Must Contain a UL 1642 – Certified Battery
First in a Series

Let me start off this new educational series with a couple of words about charger batteries that should resonate with every distributor.  Explosion! Fire!

Sound dramatic? Absolutely!

But these words of warning should concern you only if you buy or sell chargers containing lithium-ion batteries that have not been UL 1642 tested and rated. Not all charger batteries are safe.

The battery is the heart of a charger.  A battery with a UL 1642 rating means it has successfully passed at least 10 safety tests showing resistance to crushing, impact, shock, vibration, heating, temperature cycling, low pressure and abnormal charging, among others. Batteries that pass these tests are certified to meet nationally-recognized safety standards.UL Battery Tests

It pays to know exactly who you are buying chargers from and how the batteries and chargers are manufactured. All mobile chargers should contain batteries that are UL 1642 certified. You can verify this by checking the website. Each product specifies all the safety tests it has undergone and shows copies of each certification document. With PowerStick, you can be assured that the product you are purchasing for your client has met all certifications and is safe for use.  If you only remember one piece of information from this series, remember the importance of a UL 1642-certified battery in all the chargers you buy or sell.

– Dr. John Zhu

About this Series:Ask Dr. John

PowerStick has been designing and manufacturing portable power chargers at its Canadian manufacturing plant for over 10 years. During that time, this product category has been the focus of much publicity around safety and compliance. Some extreme cases involving batteries have caused fires in chargers and phones and prompted airlines to treat their conveyance with an abundance of caution.

As distributors and their representatives field more and more requests from their clients for portable charging devices, and in an effort to demystify battery and charger safety, we have asked Dr. John Zhu to pen a series of short, easy-to-understand tutorials to explain the how-tos and safety aspects of responsibly buying and selling these convenient and popular tech products.

About Dr. John Zhu:

John Zhu is director of engineering at Following graduation and teaching in one of China’s top universities, he was offered a visiting scholar position at University of Pennsylvania. After that, John joined PowerStick with responsibilities for all areas of engineering and technical product design. He was responsible for the original CES award-winning PowerStick Classic and every charger since. He has more than 10 patents to his name and is highly regarded in his field.

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