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Activo Splash



Rugged Outdoor Speaker

Activo is the perfect outdoor speaker guaranteed to make your outdoor adventures and activities more enjoyable.  It’s rugged good looks and practical strap allow you to take it anywhere.  Go ahead: get it wet. Impressive sound.  Pairs via Bluetooth.

Spot X Card


Slim Profile Tracker

Keep track of your wallet with the new Spot X Card.  It has all the advantages of the new Spot X but with a design twist.  This latest version is slim and small so it can be easily tucked in a wallet or hang on a keychain.

PowerTag Card


Slim Tracker with Apple Find My

All the ease and tracking performance of the PowerTag with Apple Find My but now in a convenient, ultra slim card design.  No bigger than a credit card, the PowerTag Card slides into a wallet so you can use the  Apple Find My app or Spot app to help locate when misplaced.



Wireless Charging Pad

This elegant charging pad is polished and professional, adding a sleek minimalist vibe to any workspace.  High speed charging capabilities quickly charge QI devices wireless by simply placing them on top of the charging surface.



Magnetic Wireless Charger

Perfect for on-the-go charging, PowerMag is a MagSafe compatible wireless charger that magnetically connects to the back of your phone.  Features 4,500 mAh battery and unique flip-out kickstand for hands-free viewing.   Charge non-MagSafe phones via cable or wirelessly using the included adhesive magnetic ring.  Multiple charging options ensures PowerMag is compatible with any phone.

Available Now



Desktop Sculpture Set

Molecule is an interactive desktop activity and art sculpture. Promotes creativity and focus. Includes 50+ pcs.  The base snaps open to store everything inside.

PenPal Clip


New PenPal Clip

Keep your pen handy with the new lightweight and durable PenPal Clip. Slide the clip on your notebook cover and the elastic strap will securely hold your pen. The new flexible teeth allow it to securely grip any thickness of cover.  Can be removed and endlessly reused on different books.



0.7mm Black Gel Pen

We’ve designed our own pen to be the perfect accessory to our Papery custom notebooks. The Script is smooth-writing with a delicate touch. The all white design is minimalist & modern. It features a cap with clip, 0.7mm point and black gel ink.

Ari Eco


Eco Friendly Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Ari continues to be one of our most popular speakers and now there’s an eco-friendly version. Using less plastic made from a blend of post-consumer recycled ABS & biodegradable materials including wheat straw. The wheat straw and recycled plastic give this product a lovely speckled appearance. This new version also features natural cork feet.



Our Smallest Speaker Yet

Enjoy your favorite tunes on the go with our new Presto speaker. Competitively priced, this pocket-sized speaker uses Bluetooth wireless technology to pair to your phone producing impressive sound from such a compact unit. It can stand on its rubber feet and recharges via the USB-C charging port.

Presto Eco


Eco Friendly Presto Speaker

Introducing the eco-friendly version of our new Presto speaker. Continue to listen to your favorite tunes with this environmentally friendly update. EcoPresto is made from a blend of post-consumer recycled ABS plastic and biodegradable materials that include wheat straw. As part of our entry level speaker collection, this pocket-sized speaker uses Bluetooth wireless technology to pair to your phone producing impressive sound from such a compact unit. It can stand on its rubber feet and recharges via the USB-C charging port.



The Ultimate Tracker

Our most powerful tracker yet.  Attach a PowerTag to a personal item (like keys) then use the app to help find and remember your PowerTag (and the keys attached to it).  Apple iPhone users can use the Apple Find My application while Android users can can download the new Spot 2.0 Bluetooth Finder app to pair and connect to the PowerTag.  The PowerTag features new Bluetooth® 5.2 for longer range and more efficient battery usage.



Magnetic Desktop Sculpture

An interactive desktop activity and art sculpture.  Features a magnetic base, 30 magnetic bars and 15 metal ball bearings that can be endlessly rearranged to form sleek 3D sculptures and designs. Promotes creativity and focus.  It’s impossible to keep your hands off of it!

Spot X


The Next Gen Spot Tracker

The Spot X Bluetooth tracker &  key finder gets upgraded:  Bluetooth 5.2 for faster connections, range to 200ft, increased energy efficiency and enhanced sound alerts. The new design features a shiny grey band for a sleek modern touch.



Spray Bottle with Micro Fibre Cloth

ScreenClean combines two products in one!  The compact spray bottle has built-in microfibre sides while the bottle can be filled with your favorite screen cleaning solution.  Keep all your screens sparkling and fingerprint-free with ScreenClean!



Sensory Stimulating Keychain

Relief stress , manage anxiety and focus nervous energy on the satisfying sensation of flicking the switch. Attach the PowerSwitch to a keychain or backpack so it can be accessed at anytime.




Custom Notebooks

Papery custom notebooks promise quality printing, exciting designs, luxury finishes, FSC responsibly sourced paper and, of course, Made with Care in Canada.  Get your pens, your dreams and your doodles ready: PAPERY by PowerStick is here!

EcoSpot Pro


Eco-Friendly Bluetooth Tracker with Cork Keychain

An environmentally responsible product with a tech side: introducing EcoSpot Pro Bluetooth tracker! This version of the Spot uses 48% less plastic than the original and includes a cork keychain. It uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to help locate and remember important personal items and works together with an app on your phone to find misplaced items.

PowerTrip Classic


Versatile Portable Charger

The iconic, award winning PowerTrip gets refreshed for a new generation. The new PowerTrip Classic is a 6,400 mAh power bank with 3 options to re-charge: connect to any USB power source, use the convenient fold out AC wall plug or use the emergency solar panel for a top-up.



200 pcs Jigsaw Puzzle

You will now have the option for TWO puzzle sizes. Choose from a 120 pcs Puzzle or the NEW 200 pcs Puzzle. Not just fun, puzzles help improve mood, memory, problem solving skills and lower stress! In the digital age, puzzles remain a popular pastime. Packaged in a magnetic gift box.  Box top shows puzzle art.

ClearPad Eco


Reusable Memo Pad with Maple Wood Base

The ClearPad Eco is a fun desktop product to doodle, take notes or display an inspirational quote. The base is made of high quality Canadian Maple that can be digitally printed with a full color logo or laser etched with  one color logo for a more natural, tone-on-tone look.



Transparent Wireless Charger &
Functional Award

The ClearCharge is a crystal clear, wireless phone charger that allows you to take a peek inside at the internal tech :PCB and Wireless coil. As your phone wirelessly charges, soft LED lights illuminate the clear acrylic block and the laser etched logo. Packaged in high-end gift packaging. ClearCharge also makes a premium award gift with practical functionality.

DeskShield Charge


Desk Mat & Wireless Charger

The DeskShield Charge desk gives your workspace/desk a modern and professional look.  It also give you convenience of a wireless charging surface. Made of water-resistant PU leather, DeskShield Charge protects your desk from scratches, & spilled liquids.

FoldStand Eco


Eco Friendly Phone Stand

An eco friendly version of the beloved FoldStand, the FoldStand Eco is made from a blend of post consumer recycled ABS  & biodegradable materials including wheat straw. The wheat straw and recycled plastic give this product a lovely speckled appearance. A pocket-sized, universal phone stand perfect for watching videos or surfing the web.



Mini Speaker & Wireless Earbud Combo

Alto combines a mini Bluetooth speaker & wireless earbuds. When the earbuds are not in use they store & recharge in a compartment in the Alto.



Two-Way Bluetooth Tracker & Luggage Tag

SpotScout is the perfect travel companion. A combination luggage tag and tracker with Bluetooth® wireless technology ensures you stay connected to your most important travel pieces. SpotScout is a member of the Spot tracker family.

Slice and Serve


Cutting Board & Serving Tray

Cutting boards are essential in everyday cooking. This 9 x 12 inch Canadian Maple cutting board can also be used as stylish charcuterie board or serving tray for food like cheese or fruit. Features a juice groove, a sauce holding compartment and easy to lift finger notches.



Contemporary Protective Desktop Mat

The DeskShield desk gives your workspace/desk a modern and professional look.  Made of water-resistant PU leather, DeskShield protects your desk from scratches, & spilled liquids. Easy to clean, just wipe with a wet cloth or paper towel.