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Contemporary Desktop Timekeeper

Chrono is a desktop clock with classic analog display and sleek modern design.   Features traditional hour, minute and bold red second hand and quartz precision movement.

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Eco-Friendly Phone Stand

EcoStand phone stand is the environmentally conscious choice. Made from 65% recycled ABS plastic & 35% wheat straw. Your phone rests against it at a comfortable angle; perfect for watching videos or surfing the web.

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Eco-Friendly Bluetooth Tracker

EcoSpot is a small tracker that uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to help locate and remember important personal items. Made from a blend 65% recycled ABS plastic & 35% wheat straw, EcoSpot is an environmentally conscious choice.

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Ergonomic Gliding Wrist Rest

The Glide keeps your hand in a natural and neutral position. The ergonomic design provides all-day comfort and helps reduce friction. The unique gliding feature allows the user to move their mouse/wrist freely while working or gaming, compared to a still mouse pad.

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