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Dan Walls In Action: Shipping Is A Game Of Minutes

Tina Filipski– Tina Berres Filipski

Sometimes an order has a change at the last minute. That’s when Dan Walls really steps into high gear, no matter what it requires—even if it means running to catch the truck. He’s had to do that many times, but for the following order he went into overdrive.

PowerStick had an order with more than 500 packages that needed to be drop-shipped all across the U.S. As sometimes happens, the shipping service on this order was changed at the 11th hour—after the boxes had been loaded onto the truck. Dan ran a new batch of labels to deliver to the truck so workers at its next stop, PowerStick’s warehouse in Ogdensburg, New York, could relabel the boxes.

But when he got to the location where he usually catches the truck, he found it was already gone, heading for the U.S. border. He quickly made arrangements to drop the new labels off at the trucking company’s Canadian head office, but he only had about 30 minutes to make it there before they closed. The office was about 45 minutes away, according to Dan’s GPS. Somehow, he made it.

Just as Dan was pulling away from the office, satisfied with a job well done, he received an email saying the client need to change the shipping service—again.

Dan teaches martial arts in the evening, and was now almost late for his class. He didn’t have time to go back to the office and print the new shipping labels. So, after class, at about 10 pm, he returned to work, re-ran the labels with the new shipping service, and took them home.

He knew the trucks crossed the border pretty early in the morning, so at 6 am the next day he hit the road again, driving back to the trucking company’s head office, and was there waiting when the doors opened.

The labels crossed the border first thing in the morning. They were received by PowerStick’s partner in the U.S. and applied to the more than 500 boxes that had been shipped there the day before. Thanks to Dan’s quick thinking and diligent effort, the boxes were shipped to their destinations on time with the requested shipping service.

Afterwards, he drove on to work where the day was getting started for the rest of the crew. For Dan, it was just the start of another day in the life of a truly dedicated logistics manager.

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About the Author:

Tina Berres Filipski is director of corporate relations at PowerStick.com. She is a 26-year promotional products industry veteran who was previously director of publications and editor at Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).

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