A selection of mini catalogs, client-friendly flyers and more!

PowerPack Sample Kit:

Sample Pack

Mini Catalogs by Theme :

Send your client a targeted mini catalog with products selected and branded to highlight their unique needs.

Onboarding & New Hires
New Hires Mini Catalog
Education & Universities
Education Mini Catalog

Collections :

Eco Collection Flyer
Eco Collection Flyer
Nova Collection Flyer
Nova Collection
Bluetooth Trackers Flyer
North American-Made Flyer
Canadian-Made Flyer

Product Flyers :

Nurses Week Flyer
Trade Show Flyer
Trade Show Flyer
Top Five Products Flyer
Top Products
Chargers & Power Banks Flyer
Hotel Puzzle Flyer
Hotel & Resort Flyer
New Puzzle Size Flyer

Comparison Charts :

Charger Comparison
Charger Comparison
Bluetooth Speaker Comparison
Bluetooth® Speaker Comparison
Bluetooth Tracker Comparison
Bluetooth® Tracker Comparison
Aura Comparison
Aura Comparison
UltraBuds Comparison
UltraBuds Comparison

About Powerstick

What Sets Us Apart
What Sets Us Apart Flyer