By selecting products from the Eco Collection
you are confirming your commitment to the future.

Reuse Recycle

Eco Collection products are designed to reduce the amount of new plastic used, reuse plastic by incorporating recycled ABS plastic where possible and use packaging that can easily be recycled.


A selection of products in the Eco Collection are made from a blend of recycled ABS plastic and wheat straw.  This blend reduces the amount of new plastic used and allows a portion of the product to biodegrade.


Other materials include Canadian maple.  The maple is sourced locally and the simple manufacturing process is much cleaner than synthetic materials.  The wood is untreated and will biodegrade back to the earth.

More Trees

A tree is planted with every order placed. Trees clean our air, water, create habitats for biodiversity and contribute to our better health and wellbeing.  One Tree Planted >

Eco Collection

FoldStand Eco

As low as $5.42 (C)


As low as $8.75 (C)


As low as $14.17 (C)

ClearPad Eco

As low as $16.58 (C)

Slice and Serve

As low as $41.58 (C)