The Holiday Season is a four-month period that can determine the success or failure of the entire fiscal year.

June, July and August can be pretty depressing, with major opportunities few and far between.

Invitations to bid can slow quite dramatically, your few prospects leave on vacation, and you despair that the good times may never return.

And then one or two days after August 15th, the emails start increasing and the phone starts ringing again.

The Holiday Season has started.

For us as a product manufacturing and branding/packaging supplier, it means internal meetings to determine what products should be built, in what package designs and in what quantities.

This, as everyone in the promotional industry knows, is a crapshoot at best, and accurate forecasting is achieved as much through good luck as good planning.

What everyone does agree on however, is that Holiday Products should reflect the season.

This is when we add vibrancy to our products by changing our packaging, adding twinkles to our box sleeves, and generally brightening up our mailers and price lists.

We also embrace the Holiday Gift concept by adding kits of two or more of our branded tech products in nice gift boxes, with crinkle paper and ribbons around the entire package.

This allows us to offer distributors multiple choices in products and kits to match their clients’ price points

So what are we anticipating this year?

Well, early interest has shown that cool items with engaging apps, like our new Beagle tracker are going to be hot items this holiday season.

Another useful item with long-lasting appeal is our Mosaic series of media players that will keep recipients busy during the holiday festivities and for long afterwards.

What happens if we get a stellar product review in a national media outlet?

Three years ago, David Pogue, the Tech Editor of the New York Times, selected our PowerTrip as one of his Top Ten Technology Products for 2013.

Within minutes, our server was overloaded and our phone lines jammed with orders.

The volume was so overwhelming that we had to bring our entire staff into production to help build, brand, pack and ship.

One year later, our PowerSound was profiled on the Live with Kelly and Michael Show.

Again, the phones lit up like Christmas lights and we all had to move into production.

Will it happen again this year?

We don’t know, but we have  had two practice sessions so are well-prepared.