PowerStick.com Chargers Are Easy To Use

Here is some detailed information about how to charge or recharge a PowerStick.com charger.  For the below illustrations we used the PowerStick IV but all PowerStick.com chargers function in the same general way.

1. Connect your PowerStick.com charger to the supplied micro USB cable.

2. Connect the standard USB end of the cable to any USB port worldwide.

Plug into a USB port on a computer, laptop, some wall outlets, some cars, as well as some airplanes and airports.

3. The PowerStick.com charger is full and finished charging when the battery status meter indicates so.

Some PowerStick.com chargers have an LCD screen that displays 8 bars.  When all 8 bars are full and solid, the PowerStick.com charger is fully charged and can be disconnected.  Newer PowerStick.com chargers have 4 LED lights to indicate the battery status.  When all 4 lights are light up, the PowerStick.com charger is full and finished charging.

4. Disconnect and keep your PowerStick.com charger close for the next time your phone needs a charge.

PowerStick.com chargers will retain their charge for up to a year.  So if you keep your PowerStick.com charger in your bag and only need it one year later, it will still be charged and ready to go.

Please note that the occasional RESET may be required to “wake up” a dormant charger.  To RESET,  hold down the power button for 15 seconds and then release.

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