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Tech products were one of the top-six best sellers in promo in 2021, with distributors selling more than $906 million worth of products in this category, according to industry research.

The reason for these massive sales is simple—tech products work for just about anyone and for just about any type of project. They have a distinct advantage over other categories of promo products because they are not gender specific, age specific or industry specific. You don’t have to worry about sizing or fit, or the complications that come with other promo product categories.

Tech products are also useful, functional and have a high perceived value. Research has proven that those who receive tech products, keep and use them for years. Tech products are also available in a wide variety of price points with PowerStick items ranging from $2 to $150, including chargers, speakers, desk and office, phone accessories and beautifully designed items for the kitchen.

What Makes PowerStick A Superior Choice?

These eight reasons give PowerStick a distinct advantage:

  1. It starts with the fact that PowerStick the only company that designs and manufactures its own chargers in North America. This gives us incredible flexibility and allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on our chargers.
  2. Buy with confidence because all our products are fully tested and certified.
  3. We offer drop-shipping and handle the entire process in house, and ship FOB Ogdensberg, New York.
  4. Custom packaging is another area where we shine with many options for every product including our premium SILKEN boxes with laser-etched foam and foil- and gloss-embellished sleeves.
  5. If your client has a need for variable data, we can personalize individual products with names, dates or sequential numbering.
  6. You need it when? No problem! PowerStick ships orders in 5-7 days year ‘round, and can accommodate quick-branded samples, too.
  7. We offer low-to-no minimums on most products. Need just one piece? You’ve got it. That’s really convenient for clients with programs and company stores.
  8. For every order we receive, we plant a tree through the organization, One Tree Planted. Together, we have planted thousands of trees across North America.

We Are Always Stocked

Lack of inventory has been a significant problem across most industries this year, including promo—but not at PowerStick. We manage our inventory and production differently so if you need it, we’ve got it. Within minutes of receiving your P.O., we will reserve the stock exclusively for your order. In addition, we frequently update our list of deep-inventory products so you can shop knowing we have the quantity to fulfill your order.

Expertise and Assistance At Your Fingertips

If you need knowledgeable assistance to find the perfect product for your clients’ projects, our consultants can promptly provide a selection of ideas within your budget. Need help with virtuals? We can do them for you. Need some suggestions for packaging? We’ve got that too. You and your clients will be impressed by the creativity our team can bring to the table.

Useful Online Tools For The Taking

Check out our website to see the many easy and useful tools available, and content that can simply be forwarded to your clients. We’ve got high-res product and lifestyle images, plus a product flyer PDF, client-safe video and art template for every product in the line. You’ll also find sharable original articles and case studies that make great social content, plus catalogs and proactive virtuals. Whether you’ve got a project-specific opportunity or just want to share something fun and cool with your client, you’ll find plenty of ideas ready to use.

The bottom line is that if you love our stuff, we are halfway there to helping you sell it. Hopefully, now that you’ve read this far, you know PowerStick is a reliable, innovative company with a desirable brand, and you can pitch and sell PowerStick products without any concerns. So let us take it from here and partner with you to take that business to the next level. If you’ll give us a chance, we’ll do absolutely everything we can to make you not just love us, but make your client love us as well. is the only company designing and manufacturing its own portable chargers in North America. See the full product line of personal tech products and premium packaging at  

About the Author:

Alex Symms, MAS, MASI, is the new national account manager at PowerStick, bringing to the position nearly 20 years of sales experience in the promo industry.

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