Made in Canada

Last updated 09.12.22

As many of you may already know, we are your neighbour to the north. In between us are men in uniform who prevent miscreants and goods from going from one country to the other.

However, for all our differences, we are much like you are.

Ontario and the East coast are very much like New Hampshire and Maine. Vancouver and the West coast are strikingly similar to Washington State, particularly the weather.

We have more than ten million square miles of land, coast to coast to coast. We have only 32 million people so each of us has ⅓ acre of land. Our 32 million come from many many countries and are welcomed and integrated.

Many people, particularly those in the US, are amazed that we manufacture our charger products, but when you look at the facts, they shouldn’t be.

Our employees are very diversified. They are young and educated and completely subscribe to the company mantra which is “safety and quality trump profits.”

Made iN Canada Forte and Nova+

Our holidays are just like yours, not like those frequent days and weeks that China shuts down for, and even though many prepare themselves by recording scheduled stat. Holidays, new ones keep popping up.

Because we manufacture in Canada, we are never “out of stock.” With us, two to five day turnaround on branded orders is the norm, not a dream.

So think of us as more than your neighbours who say “eh” at the end of every sentence, and have a health care system to be rightfully very proud of. Think of us as your branded technology partner, with cool products and exceptional customer service.