Packaging Elevated To Art

Tina Filipski– Tina Berres Filipski

A distributor came to PowerStick with a simple request for his mortgage-company client. The client wanted to thank customers who had closed a mortgage with the company and create another touchpoint by sending a nicely packaged tech item accompanied by a notecard.

Thank You

But nice is never good enough at PowerStick. Instead, our team saw the potential for the mortgage company to elevate their gift into an exceptional and memorable branding opportunity.

The project began with selection of Spot, a two-way Bluetooth® Finder that slips on a keyring. Next, upgraded packaging was chosen: a slim SILKEN premium box with magnet closure and a foam cushion insert. But the real genius was the decision to laser engrave the foam cushion with an intricate image of townhouses silhouetted against the sky.

The elaborate design required multiple layers of foam. One layer was used to add height and secure the product; the top foam layer was laser cut and engraved. The foam design was unique because it featured not only an illustration but precise text for the logo. The laser foam engraving added an unexpected “wow” factor and elevated the customized gift experience.

Once the virtual was approved by the client, a proof was created in Illustrator to show the exact cutting/engraving designs in the foam. After the client’s approval of the proof, the file was moved to the Precision CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver. This machine uses a 100-watt CO2 laser to cut and engrave a variety of different materials, including foam.

The box top and inside lid of the SILKEN box were printed in four-color and the finished laser-cut foam was placed inside. A custom notecard was printed by PowerStick and added to the package. The boxes were inserted in mailing boxes and drop-shipped on four different dates over the course of several months directly to the new homebuyers’ addresses.

The result was an extraordinary piece of art—a real showstopper for the client—and one that generated a 75-percent call-back from clients and excellent responses when calls were made to the remaining 25 percent.

The finished product also won PowerStick a PPAI 2023 Pyramid Award in Supplier Decorating, the promo industry’s highest honor recognizing skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

PowerStick products used: Spot, SILKEN premium packaging with laser-etched foam insert, custom insert card

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