Project Description


The ACC-Big Ten Women’s Challenge is an in-season NCAA Women’s college basketball series, established in 2007, that matches up teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and the Big Ten Conference.


Basketball big 10



The conference organisers wanted to find new and innovative technology pieces that would appeal to Athletes, Coaches and VIP’s.

Mosaic women's basketball case study


They also wanted items that would reward the teams’ accomplishment in qualifying for this prestigious event.


Strategic Solution


New Clients approached PowerStick for an appropriate product and very quickly Mosaic became the obvious choice.

The Mosaic would be a product that none of the recipients would have seen before, and it was technology that ticked all the boxes; business, study and personal entertainment. As an added bonus, it would keep all their mobile devices charged while at the tourney and away from main power sources.


Case Study Big 10


The ACC-Big Ten loved the proposed item and ordered not only 675 for the women’s event, but an additional quantity for the men’s.