Project Description


2015 was the 50th Anniversary Year for the venerable Mustang.

It is a vehicle that has remained a customer favorite since 1965

BDA was given the responsibility of providing promotional items that would be in keeping with this milestone event.


Mustang Inspiration to creation



The Mustang Marketing Team at Ford was seeking a high value gift for journalists, executives and industry insiders.

Mustang Inspiration

They wanted a technology gift that would be a permanent reflection of the brand and a practical reminder in the longer term.


Strategic Solution


PowerStick suggested a portable power charger, custom designed to reflect the grill of the Mustang.

In addition, PowerStick proposed the inclusion of its patented flash memory so images and videos of Mustang’s 50-year history could be stored.  In support of those recommendations, PowerStick produced a brochure and a product prototype for the client.  While the client liked the concept, they decided to modify the charger design to feature the Mustang Pony instead of the grill.  It was felt that the Pony would be more universally recognized.

Mustang 50th Anniversary PowerJump

In the end, Ford contracted with BDA and PowerStick for the custom charger “HorsePower” and produced them in Wimbledon White, Kona Blue and Fire Red, with special packaging.

The Mustang team was extremely pleased with the creativity and quality of the product and the ability of both BDA and PowerStick to execute this contract flawlessly.


Mustang Fire Red PowerJump