Project Description


Mr. Robot is an American thriller-drama television series that airs on the USA Network.


Mr. Robot project Mosaic





USA Network was looking to reach out to advertising executives across the country in a new and innovative way to promote the upcoming season of Mr. Robot.

They asked Axis Promotions to source a piece of technology that was both portable and multi-functional.


Mr Robot USA Network Mosaic Media Hub Stream



Strategic Solution


PowerStick proposed its Mosaic Media Hub, pre-loaded with all episodes of the Mr. Robot season.

PowerStick would not only load every Mosaic with all episodes of the show’s season, but individually drop ship each Mosaic to advertisers across the country.

USA Networks loved the spec samples provided, and proceeded to order a significant quantity.

Mr. Robot mosaic stream show

The client was extremely pleased with the individual Mosaics and the overall campaign.