Project Description


The Nett Warrior is an integrated dismounted situational awareness and mission command system for use during combat operations.

Designed as a tool for leaders, Nett Warrior provides unparalleled situational awareness and mission command capabilities to the dismounted leader.  This permits faster and more accurate decisions during the tactical fight.


US Army



Nett Warrior needed a system with the ability to graphically display the location of a soldier’s location on a digital geo-referenced map image.

Nett Warrior


Additional soldier, platform and unit locations would also be displayed on the digital user interface.

Two pieces of gear would be required.

  1. A phone end user device to display map images. A Samsung Note was selected.

  2. A portable power charger with built-in flash memory


Strategic Solution


PowerStick proposed its PowerStick+ portable charger with 16GB of patented flash memory.

This combination permits the transfer of map images from the PowerStick+ in real-time as well as the constant powering of the Samsung Note phone.  The PowerStick+ has been deployed in the world’s trouble spots for some time now, and as the map data gets larger, the Army is looking at larger flash memory options.


PowerStick PLUS+ 16GB charger with flash memory Camo


Powerstick’s participation in the Nett Warrior program has provided the Special Forces with advanced navigation and information sharing capabilities.

Furthermore, leaders are able to avoid fratricide and are more effective and more lethal in the execution of their combat missions.


US Army PowerStick+ PLus with 16GB flash memory