Nepal Earthquake

PowerStick Connects During Nepal Earthquake

Every so often a company receives an opportunity that means so much more than just a monetary transaction.  We love hearing stories how our products have helped connect people or offered a small bit of support during a challenging situation.  One such story came to us last week out of the Nepal earthquake, and it was so powerful, we wanted to pass it on.

A woman contacted our online store wanting to order one of our PowerStick III chargers with a personalized photo of Mount Everest and the script, “Life is all about Plan B.”  Along with the PowerStick III, she wanted to include a gift card to read :

“Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity during the stressful aftermath of the earthquake at the airport. The opportunity to contact our families meant the world to me and will never be forgotten. We had a remarkable experience on our Himalayan journey except for one long Saturday afternoon. May your mobile phone always have a charge! All the best!

Apparently, when the earthquake hit, they were fortunate enough to be transferred to the airport to await evacuation. She was desperate to call her family to assure them of their well-being.  Unfortunately, she had only a US phone and a PowerStick charger.  However, the couple next to her had an international phone which she was able to boost with her PowerStick charger. They offered her the use of their phone to call her family back home.  She was so grateful, that she ordered a brand new charger to be sent to the couple as a thank you gift.  She assured us that now, more than every, she will always travel with her PowerStick charger. is the only company designing and manufacturing its own portable chargers in North America. See the full product line of personal technology products, including chargers, speakers, phone accessories and home and office products, at you can be too.

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