Custom Packaging

A Strong First Impression

We know that promotional products are a tried and true form of advertising and brand promotion. Something as cost effective as a pen can see a brands logo reach a wide audience with hundreds of impressions. What if that pen could make a stronger connection with the recipient by promoting more than a logo? Stepping up the branding game with custom packaging can make a deeper first impression with the principal target audience.

Promote More than Just a Logo

Custom packaging, like promotional products themselves, come in a variety of forms: a simple gift tag, printed ribbon or a personalized gift box. Whatever the form, the function is the same: to promote an additional piece of a brand’s identity. The advantage of custom packaging is that it provides increased real estate to promote more than a logo or URL. There could be additional space to incorporate taglines, to pitch services, explain a problem the company hopes to solve or use imagery to trigger an emotional connection to the brand.   With more brand identity exposed, the chance of creating a deeper, more lasting first impression increases.

Custom Packaging

Take a Cue from Retail Product Packaging

Product packaging is a very important aspect of retail product design. Product packaging has the task of making one product stand out on a shelf of many. Strong packaging design aims to excite, inform and create a desire for the product inside. Similarly, creating strong packaging for a promo giveaway can more effectively sell a company’s message and brand.

Use custom packaging to:

  • Develop a stronger brand message and awareness
  • Showcase a brands personality
  • Express a value proposition
  • Call the user into action
  • Include social media campaign info, coupons, contest info
  • Create a more “retail” looking product for company stores
  • Add a personal touch with a thank you or congratulatory message is the only company designing and manufacturing its own portable chargers in North America. See the full product line of personal technology products, including chargers, speakers, phone accessories and home and office products, at you can be too.

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