The Future of Charging is Wireless

There are currently three main wireless groups fighting for dominance in the wireless charging field: Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), Power Matters Alliance (PMA), and Wireless Power Consortium (Qi).  We will focus on Qi technology as they currently have the most backing in the area of mobile device manufacturers.

Qi pronounced “chee” was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium in 2008.  The Qi wireless system uses a transmitter (charger or charging pad or other charging station) and a receiver (your phone or a sleeve or case for your phone).  The Qi system transfers energy through induction, so in most cases you are required to place the receiver directly on top of the transmitter.  The transmitter (charger) houses a primary induction coil and the receiver (your phone) houses a secondary coil.  When the two coils come into close proximity they create an electrical transformer which can be used to charge your phone.

Qi Charging Coils for the wireless charging

Since Qi technology functions as a system that requires both Qi receiver and a Qi transmitter to work, your phone must include a charging coil to work with a wireless charger.  Samsung, Google, HTC, LG, Motorola, NOKIA and Sony all have phone models in their rosters that are Qi enabled.  Apple has yet to include Qi charging in any of their phones or devices (apple plays by their own rules and standards).   A list of Qi enabled phones for direct charging can be found here.  Samsung who currently holds the largest share of the smartphone market, has just released their latest phone, the Samsung S6, with integrated Qi technology.  This is a huge endorsement for wireless charging.   In addition, phone and tablet cases are available to add Qi technology to non- Qi phones.

Qi Compatible Nexus and Htc charge wirelessly

Wireless charging has the potential to eliminate the headache so many of us face when we think of charging our phones.  Where is my cable? Which one is mine in this draw full of cords?  Did I leave my cable at work? How do I eliminate this mess?

Now, imagine getting home, walking through the door and simply placing your phone on top of a sleek, well designed charger.  That’s it!  You’re charging.  Imagine everyone in the family being able to charge their phone from one single, wireless charger.  Imagine no more fighting with knotted cables.  Imagine the simplicity!

The new PowerWireless with Qi induction technology is available from for $119

The PowerWireless Qi Charger gif