Travel Tips for Summer Adventures

Travel Trips for Summer Adventures

Schools out, the weather is finally feeling like summer, there is no better time to hit the road and go on vacation then now.

Whether you’re going camping, hotel hopping our jet setting off to an exotic locale, we have some tips to help you make the most of limited suitcase space and be covered for any situation that can come your way.

Packing Tips:

  • Pack more tops then bottoms. Depending where you’re going, laundry might be difficult to do, so having more tops in your suitcase will give you a wider variety of outfits to make.
  • Also – pack cotton and linen based clothes…these will cause less wrinkles and be more breathable, great for warm weather days.
  • Getting creases out: hang your clothes on a hanger and hang them on the back of the door while you take a shower; the humidity will help work out wrinkles.
  • Bath Products: Place shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hair products in a ziploc bag inside your suitcase: TRUST us on this one. The amount of times our clothes have been saved as a result of having the containers stored is great.
  • Label your suitcase: Remember when you were a kid and your Mom would make you place those embarrassing knit balls on the handle of your luggage to easily identify your baggage? (No, nobody else?). Well, maybe ditch the knit ball but keep the idea. Having something distinctive on your luggage will save you time from having to browse through the jumble of luggage as it comes off the carousel. If your bags are easily distinguishable you’ll save time (and beat the rush to the shuttle/car rental/arrivals area) by being able to just grab your bags and go.
  • Bring a portable charger with you so you never have to worry about your phone, camera or GPS running out of power. Great for picture taking or to have as a back-up in case of an emergency. Check out our PowerTrip portable mobile charger which offers you three charging options – you can plug it into a wall socket, USB port or top-up via its solar panels.

Best of luck with your travels!