Warranties – Just What Are They Saying?

I enjoy running.

I’ve been doing it for a long time, starting when running was just running.

No fancy fluorescent attire. No distracting music systems. No electronic monitoring gadgetry.

But I have gotten used to my iPod and my Sportwatch.

I bought my first Sportwatch last year and absolutely loved it. However it was lost in Argentina over the holidays, so when I returned home, I bought another.

It worked fine for awhile, then stopped finding the sensors that allow it to track my speed/distance. I took it back to the store.

“Where and when did you buy it?” she asked.

“Your store, two months ago,” I responded.

She looked my purchase up on her system.

“Unfortunately, your purchase was made 64 days ago. Our warranty is 60 days.”

Now why would a technology manufacturer provide a 60-day warranty?

Is it because their technology is flakey and prone to failure?

At PowerStick.com, this is our warranty policy:

“If your Powerstick was purchased from our website or through our corporate branding division, you have a life-time warranty. In case of defect, you may return your PowerStick to be repaired or replaced. This warranty will not apply to units that have been purchased from non-authorised sources or ones damaged through improper use.”

Not 60 days

Not 12 months

A Lifetime!

We believe in our products and believe that absolute satisfaction is what our customers deserve.