Why do PowerStick.com chargers have memory example 4GB

PowerStick.com holds the patent on chargers with memory.  But why memory? What is 8 GB for?

We design and manufacture portable charging solutions: back-up phone chargers. With many of our products we have added a flash memory option (8 or 16GB). The memory adds a second feature to your charger. Add memory and your charger now doubles as a flash drive to store and back-up files from your computer or laptop.

PowerSticks with memory GB can connect to a computer to transfer files

PowerStick.com chargers are recharged by connecting to a USB port. You are already connecting the PowerStick to your computer to recharge, so why not also use it to store and transfer data and media files from your computer or laptop.  Two useful products combined into one.

PowerStick chargers are often sourced by promotional products distributors for their clients corporate giveaways.  In this application,  the memory can be used to pre-load sales or marketing collateral like a presentation, a movie trailer or other files that could be useful for marketing purposes.  The charger becomes a vehicle to present clients additional documentation or marketing content. Several client projects such as Buick Lease Renewal program and the TV networks USA Network have had great success with this application.